Craig MacDonald

Facing redundancy

Future Planning in 3 words

The three words I’d use to describe Future Planning would be approachable, trustworthy and polite.

I worked for Honda UK Manufacturing in Swindon, at the start of 2019 I was told I’d be made redundant.

The initial shock was quite devastating for everyone, including myself. I got in touch with Sanjay within a matter of weeks. He said to me to come into his office to see him and we went from there. He has basically explained all of the things that he can go through; he can help us and provide advice and good peace of mind at the end of the day.

This last year has been difficult; the first couple of months were tough, however, I’ve been working with Sanjay and listening to his ideas and forward-thinking. As the months have gone by, we’ve been in contact and he’s reassured me that the future will be bright for myself and I’m sure other people as well. His advice and experience will put everyone in good stead for the future.

Having seen all the facts and figures that Sanjay has given me, I can look forward to not having to worry and still enjoy retirement from the advice he’s given me. Sanjay has given me full confidence about me being made redundant and looking forward to the future, including retirement.

I would fully recommend Future Planning to anybody in a similar situation to myself who has been made redundant.

Best thing about Future Planning

The best thing about working with Future Planning is that they simplify everything they bring across to you, they answer questions and they simplify everything.

Would you recommend Future Planning?

I would fully recommend Future Planning to anybody in a similar situation to myself, who has been made redundant at Honda.

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