Approaching retirement

Using your wealth to create the future you want

We love helping clients who are ready to start planning their retirement – especially when we can help them escape from work earlier than they expected! We understand that for most people approaching their 50s their biggest concern will be ‘when will I have enough money to retire?’.

We believe your retirement is the beginning of something special. After working for so many years, you’ll want to get it right, and have no regrets.

So, we’ll help you to identify what you want to get out of retirement and when you want it to start. Then, using our expert knowledge and experience, we’ll help you to formulate a plan to help you achieve your goals.

We can help you to:

  • Utilise your pension and savings allowances
  • Use tax planning to keep wealth within your family
  • Take care of your family’s financial needs, should the worst happen to you
  • Plan for how and when you’ll retire
  • Manage your investments to ensure they are achieving your goals
  • Understand how much you can spend without the fear of running out of money

Find out how we’ve helped Antony Hawley and Derek & Christine Defty plan for their retirement.

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