Your Journey

Just like your future, every journey is unique

If you would like us to help you achieve the future you want to have, here’s what we’ll do:

Step 1

Let’s talk!

Contact us and we’ll arrange a time to have a brief chat over the phone. This will help us to understand why you need financial planning and how you found out about us!

If we’re confident that we can help and provide you with good value, we’ll arrange an initial consultation. There is no cost to you for the consultation, but we will ask you to do a little ‘homework’ in advance so that we can quickly get to grips with your current circumstances.

Step 2

Initial consultation

This meeting can be face to face or done remotely; whichever you prefer. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you and what you want your future to look like.

We’ll explain how our fees work and then leave it to you to decide whether you’d like to work with us.

Step 3

Research and planning

Once you’ve decided to work with us, we’ll ask you to provide some further information. Using our bespoke software, we do the research and the number-crunching to work out what you need to do to achieve the future you want.

Step 4

Presentation meeting

We’ll present our findings and recommendations to you with a clear, easy-to-understand presentation, delivered at our offices, or remotely if you prefer.

We’ll show you a clear cashflow forecast based on your current circumstances, then overlay this with a cashflow forecast based on our recommendations. We will demonstrate how much closer to your desired future you’ll be if you follow our recommendations.

Step 5


If you accept our recommendations we’ll go ahead and implement them. This may be done at the same time, or in a staged manner, if required. We will deal with all of the administration and keep your paperwork to a minimum.

Step 6

Ongoing financial planning

Our service delivers the best value over the long term. We understand that things will change, as will your future goals, as time goes on.

With our regular, forward planning meetings we review your investments, look at what’s coming up, and decide whether we need to make changes to your financial plan.

This is why our clients feel happier about their future; because they know that their money is in safe hands and will continue to be managed by experts.

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