Growing or receiving wealth

Many of our clients are at the stage in life where they are working hard to pay the bills. However, they also recognise the importance of growing their wealth for the future. Here’s where we can provide valuable and practical support, enabling you to enjoy today whilst planning for the future.

We also provide a simplified ‘self-investment’ service which enables you to manage your own investments with as much or as little advice as you need.

Self investment service

During this time, you may receive a ‘windfall’ such as an inheritance or bonus from work. We can help you work out the best use of this money; whether it’s using it for a special event now or investing it for the future.

In some circumstances, our clients have received an award for a Personal Injury or Clinical Negligence claim. We advise them on how to manage their compensation, helping to ensure that it provides the standard of living and care that it was awarded to achieve.

We can help you to:

  • Manage your everyday budgeting so you can be confident about how much you’re spending now and saving for the future
  • Work out the best use of ‘windfalls’ such as bonuses or inheritance
  • Make the most of compensation awarded for Personal Injury or Clinical Negligence
  • Answer the ‘big questions’ so you don’t need to fear money problems in the future
  • Take care of your family’s financial needs with suitable insurance, should the worst happen to you

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