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We’ll help you to enjoy the fruits of your labour

With the longest holiday of your life before you, financial planning will help you to enjoy your retirement. For most people, their biggest concern is whether they can afford to continue with the lifestyle they have in retirement. For others, they want the security of knowing that their wealth will be passed on to their loved ones and not the tax collector.

We’ll help you to identify what you want to get out of the rest of your retirement. We’ll also look at any concerns you may have about long-term care planning and passing on your wealth.

We’ll then put together a financial plan that addresses all of your needs and concerns. Our clients really value the security of knowing that their wealth is being looked after, so they can enjoy more time with their loved ones.

We can help you to:

  • Pass on your wealth, starting with a will and appointing a power of attorney
  • Understand long-term care fees planning
  • Release equity from your home for additional income or big spend projects. See our ‘Later life lending’ page
  • Manage your investments to ensure they are achieving your goals
  • Generate income, whilst minimising your tax bill
  • Use estate planning, including inheritance tax planning, to ensure that as much wealth as possible is passed on to your loved ones

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