Facing redundancy

Helping you to secure your future

Redundancy can be a welcome relief to some but completely devastating for others. The sudden stop in regular income can cause a great deal of worry and distress. We’ve worked with a number of people who’ve been made redundant from several major employers in the area, including Swindon Borough Council, SSE and Honda.

Our role in these situations is to understand your immediate financial concerns and work with you to address them. With empathy and understanding, we’ll help to ensure that your redundancy settlement will enable you to meet your short and long-term goals.

We can help you to:

  • Work out the best use of your redundancy settlement
  • Understand whether your redundancy package is enough to help you retire
  • Know what the impact of the redundancy will have on your future retirement
  • Take care of your family’s financial needs, with suitable insurance, should the worst happen to you
  • Determine whether and when you need to return to work, and how much you’ll need to earn
  • Understand if you need to commute to find a higher salary or are able to stay local

Find out how we’ve helped Craig Macdonald through redundancy.

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