Derek & Christine Defty

Senior executive

Future Planning in 3 words

I’d describe Future Planning as competent, knowledgeable and easy to get on with.

Derek says: I got in touch with Future Planning because I had been looking to retire, get all my pensions together and obviously, get someone to sort them out for me. So, I looked into it, I went online, looked at all of the people who were available and their credentials and so on, and then started to ring round a few. The first one I rang was Future Planning.

I felt that I had to get something done and I had to get something done quickly, with someone that I could trust with what amounted to a fair amount of money, that’s going to look after us for the rest of our lives. So, I got a good feeling from the telephone conversation, but once I met him [Sanjay] then we just went from there.

It progressed from there by me taking in all of the details of the pensions that I had, which was nine in total I believe; it was quite a few! I met him the first time, and then it was a case of, well, let’s all get involved.

After the initial series of meetings, basically, they had to go away and do an awful lot of work quickly. If you can imagine, they had to talk to nine different companies and then get together all of the settlement figures so that they could put everything together. Then we went back in and Sanjay could then put it all onto a spreadsheet on the computer and show us how it was going to work.

Christine says: After the meeting, we felt really comfortable and I was able to hand my notice in because we knew we would be comfortable in retirement.

Derek says: We always come away from the meetings feeling better than when we went in. We both felt a lot happier about going into retirement. One, because of the amount of money that we finally ended up with, but two because we realised we were putting it in somewhere that was safe and would help us out in the future.

It gave Christine the confidence to retire; I had basically already finished work, which was why everything had to happen quite quickly, because I had no income coming in.

Retirement has been, well for both us, has been really good. We’ve been able to go where we want, go on holidays. We’ve been to Australia, New Zealand, Corsica, Germany, lots of different places, several times, basically, without any financial restraints.

Christine: It makes you feel good! All those years of working are worthwhile. We would recommend them to other people, we have, in fact, recommended them to other people.

Best thing about Future Planning

The best thing about working with Future Planning is having confidence in their advice. You always feel happy that they’re giving you good advice. And it works.

Would you recommend Future Planning?

We would recommend them to other people, and we have, in fact, recommended them to other people.

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