Douglas Martin

In retirement

Future Planning in 3 words

Very business-like, very helpful, and explains everything to us if we need to have an explanation.

My name is Douglas Martin and I’ve known Sanjay for quite a while because he was our financial adviser when he was at the Halifax, and when he left there, we continued talking with him and eventually we invested with him.

He looks after us very well, and we leave it all to him and we get a good service. The people in the front of desk are very pleasant and we enjoy coming up to see them when we do on occasions, which is not very often now. This is the second time we’ve been up here now and it’s always a pleasure to come up here and see them.

Sanjay is very helpful with what he does, and we’ve got confidence in him actually, so there’s no fears or anything we’re concerned with. Everything they do is for our benefit and one can only say that we’re pleased with what he does.

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