Paul McCarthy

Business owner

I run a software company and I got in touch with Future Planning because for the last seven/eight years I’ve been busy building up my company, but in the back of my mind, I’ve always known that I need to get things set-up and structured in the right way to be as efficient as possible. But it was something I never really wanted to face because it’s very complicated and every time I speak to somebody, it’s like I get a bunch of jargon and it’s really hard to get stuff done.

So, I finally got in touch with Future Planning after going through three or four other companies and it was like a breath of fresh air basically. When I used other financial planning companies in the past, I had three main problems…

Firstly, my situation is fairly complicated because I have an offshore business and I’m actually not living in the UK, so it’s a fairly complicated set of affairs. And so I often got met with a lot of jargon so I couldn’t really understand exactly what I needed to do.

Secondly, the only companies that could deal with my situation were generally companies from London and they charged extortionate rates, basically.

And finally, what I really needed was somebody or a company who could just help me focus on my own business and not get bogged down with this stuff; kind of, get this stuff off my plate and out my way. Future Planning has been the only company I’ve been able to find who’s been able to allow me to do that.

From a personal perspective, it’s really been a weight off my shoulder because now, I kind of know that the whole tax situation…my affairs are set-up in an efficient way and that’s been a huge weight off my shoulder personally, so I’m no longer anxious about these things.

Working with Sanjay at Future Planning has been a huge sense of relief for me. Everything has been really quick, very efficient. I was expecting this process to take a lot longer because of my complex set-up. But really, it’s been sorted within a matter of a month and so for me, that’s just massive; it’s really been valuable for me.

I’m a very happy customer of Future Planning; it’s taken a massive weight off my shoulders and if anybody else has financial planning needs, then I’d strongly recommend just getting in touch.

Best thing about Future Planning

The best thing about working with Future Planning is that now I can rest easy. My affairs have been set up correctly, I know that I’m following all compliance laws, and everything is just correct. It’s given me massive peace of mind, so I can just get on with running my business.

Would you recommend Future Planning?

I’m a very happy customer of Future Planning. It’s taken a massive weight off my shoulders. If anybody else has financial planning needs, then I’d strongly recommend just getting in touch.

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