How a full-time head of operations benefits you: Your Future Planning team update

The last few months have seen some changes to the Future Planning family.

Senior administrator Cejay left the business earlier this month after several years with us. Cejay was a highly valued member of the team, and she will be greatly missed. We are sure you will join us in wishing her all the best in her future career.

We can also announce that Ana has joined the Future Planning team on a permanent, full-time basis. Ana is head of operations and her move to a permanent role is great news for us and our clients.

Keep reading to find out what Ana is looking forward to about her new role and what it might mean for you and your ongoing relationship with us.

More time to build client relationships

Ana’s day-to-day role is very varied, from looking after the accounting side of the business to putting together investment research reports.

She hopes that her move to a permanent full-time role will allow her to become more actively engaged in client and colleague-centred tasks.

“I will have more time to take part in the training of our apprentices and junior staff, plus more time to dedicate to the back office functions that support our advisors”, Ana says. The added support for advisors allows them to concentrate on the important decisions they make on behalf of you – the client – and Ana hopes this will ultimately lead to even better client outcomes.

This additional support should also give Ana more opportunities to speak directly with clients, something she is greatly looking forward to.

“I’m hoping that being in the office full-time will mean I can build long-lasting relationships with our clients, getting to know them and their circumstances so that I can support our advisors and help them to put plans in place that ultimately allow our clients to achieve their financial dreams.”

The office location brings its own challenges

“Living in the countryside has lots of perks,” says Ana, “but getting diverse and high-quality cuisine delivered quickly and with just a few clicks isn’t one of them.”

As a massive foodie, one of the biggest challenges Ana faces in her new role will likely be resisting the urge to visit the Old Town, where she can be surrounded by an amazing array of cuisine in just minutes.

“Not ordering food every day will be a real challenge!”

Our growing business will retain its client focus

With a full-time head of operations, Future Planning is in an excellent position to grow, develop, and improve.

Ana has a clear idea of where her role fits into the business’s future plans. “The focus will be on growth – building our client base and offering, while at the same maintaining personal relationships,” Ana says.

“My role will involve taking some of the responsibilities and pressures from Sanjay and our other planners and advisors, leaving them free to concentrate on what they do best.

“That means giving them more time to focus on helping clients, which, in turn, will lead to a better and more seamless service, both for new and existing clients.”

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